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CU Boulder administrators to be honored for their contributions to the arts

Two CU Boulder administrators are among four local citizens who will be recognized for their contributions to the arts in Boulder County at the sixth …Read more

CU-Boulder College of Musics Dan Sher to be honored in performance celebrations

To honor Sher there will be two performances and appreciate all of the things that we do here Sher came to CU from Louisiana State University in 1993 During his time on the Boulder campus the college has added programs in jazz studies and
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Want a full-ride scholarship to CU Boulder Try being a golf caddie

Thirteen Colorado high school seniors have earned full-ride scholarships to the University of Colorado Boulder through their CUs campus The Evans scholarship is an estimated 120000 over four years with scholarship funds coming largely from
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New CU President Mark Kennedy on Past Controversies Big Goals

As youll see Kennedy defended bringing Foster to Boulder discussed diversity of many types including the intellectual kind and talked about the actual duties of the CU to know their priorities helping to share the story of the great
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The name on the wall

As a local artist an alumna of the University of Colorado and a former board member in the budding days of the Dairy Arts to honor Addison who began displaying signs of Alzheimers in 2011 The idea to showcase an artists work in their
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Obama picks CU-Boulder prof Margaret Murnane for science post

Margaret Murnane a physics professor at CU and fellow of JILA The National Medal of Science is a presidential honor awarded to scientists and engineers who have made important contributions in their fields There are a dozen members on the committee
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Boulder Co Latino History Project Celebrates 5th Anniversary

From The Latino History Project The Latino History Project comprises two primary components says Marjorie McIntosh coordinator of the collaborative grassroots effort and CU Boulder to their own and their forerunners contributions here
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