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CSOs threaten court actions, ask Buhari to drop Malami

This is coming on the heels of a letter sent to the senate on Wednesday by the coalition to reject Malami, citing the outcome of an audit done on him which detailed the “shady actions” of the former Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and his proven …Read more

CSOs threaten court actions ask Buhari to drop Malami

A coalition of 11 notable civil society organisations CSOs across the country has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately withdraw the nomination of Abubakar Malami as a ministerial nominee Addressing a media conference on Monday in Abuja the
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Our son was recalled to help the change agenda says Mainas family

One must ask whether it is an offence for somebody to serve his fatherland faithfully Court Sack Malami Danbazau now CSOs Also a coalition of civil society groups and public interest lawyers have asked President Buhari to immediately
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Nigeria When the Rule of Law and Political Correctness Tangle

By Ademola Adeyemo and Shola Oyeyipo The current travails of the former National Security Adviser Col Sambo Dasuki might have been locked in by President Muhammadu Buharis confusion of the political correctness of some of his actions with the place of
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AGF I Authorised DSS Raid on Judges NJC Refused to Co-operate

One of the judges Supreme Court Malami appeared before the committee after it threatened to issue a warrant of arrest following his failure to appear or send a representative to two previous sittings Malami told the committee that the action of
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Nigeria Now Heading For Economic Collapse JAF Warns Urging Broad Movement As Political Alternative

There are crises in the economy manifesting in very big sharp drop CSOs and Faith-based groups on the basis of the above enumerated goals 2 A Consultative Meeting of all the consulted groups will hold before the elections to define the Programme of
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Month June 2017

When hiring managers sometimes browse through social media profiles of candidates imagine what their impression of you will be when they see job complaint posts on your wall They are very likely going to be turned off and conclude that you are a
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