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Crítica | Shaft

Ainda na primeira parte de Shaft, distribuído nas salas de cinema americanas, mas no restante do mercado internacional disponível via Netflix, vemos JJ, filho do personagem-título, ir atrás de seu pai buscando ajuda em um caso. Ao abrir a porta do …Read more

TOY STORY 4 é bom? – Vale Crítica

Mota Jr – Critica (Video Clip Official)

TURMA DA MÔNICA: LAÇOS (2019) – Crítica


Spanish toddler died from fall into shaft not rescuers pickaxe autopsy

The childs head was injured in two places at the base of the skull and on the left side Rescuers worked round the clock using heavy machinery to dig a parallel shaft beside the borehole which was only 25cm wide and then tunneling across through
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Cobra King K7 Review

With a 63g regular shaft the K7 had great overall weight balance and it also offered all the adjustability I expected from the latest drivers on the market Out-of-the-box the club was set to a loft of 105 degrees As an 18-handicapper I found no need
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Cmon Hollywood Separate Oscar category for best comedy

while BRIDESMAIDS gets the shaft maybe he has a point One way to do it would be to limit each category to five nominees Some have said that this may result in a bunch of unworthy films being nominated for Oscars and while this may be true- the category
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Phellon Bruce Springsteen junky badass ACQUISITION

However that is changing The Filming Italy Sardegna Festival which runs June 13-16 and is Italys single startThe new Shaft is an upgrade thats also a downgrade Its not a blaxploitation movie whatever that would now look like at this point
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How the Corvairs rise and fall changed America forever

Putting the engine over a cars rear-drive wheels boosted traction in wet weather It also eliminated the need for a heavy drive shaft to connect the engine in front with the wheels in back Air-cooling saved added weight by eliminating the radiator
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First miners go down shaft to rescue Spanish toddler Julen Rosell

At 549pm on Thursday the first two miners were lowered inside a specially-made cage into a vertical shaft running parallel to the borehole said government officials in Mlaga Eight members of the Hunosa Mining Rescue Brigade will work in shifts
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