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Crémant and Food Pairing

Sparkling wines from France which are made outside of the Champagne designated regions are commonly known as Crémant of which there are …Read more

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

France's Champagne Alternatives

Learn Wine in 1 Minute – Sparkling Wines – High Definition Short Lesson For Beginners

Come to dinner – learn about matching the wine to the meal. Part One

Wine and Cheese Wine and Food pairings for festive meals at Alliance Francaise

Get into the Christmas spirit and come listen to Coralie Tauzin from Gilles Louvet organic Vineyards who will comment on a tasting of wines for festive meals On the menu Red berries and Crmant Ros Fish terrine and Dry Juranon Wine
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Bottled up Ahi tuna and Cremant to pair

There are however many different delightful sparkling options available around the world including the Cremant pronounced crehm-ahn With endless options for summer food pairings I hope each of you will not pass on the opportunity to pop
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Crmant dAlsace a delicious alternative to Champagne

Pop open a bottle today In this series the Telegraph explores the six most popular Alsace wines including riesling and pinot blanc and their variations in style as well as some wonderful food pairings for each that you can put to the test immediately
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A wine dinner at Third Coast Provisions will make vegetables the star

with Gustave Lorentz Cremant dAlsace Brut Tables are available on the quarter-hour starting at 5 pm with the last seating at 8 pm Dinner is 65 which includes the drink pairings the meat and shrimp supplement is 15 Tickets are available
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The Best Food and Drink Pairings for Your Next Summer Party

So to help boost your ice-chest game weve curated a list of the perfect summer barbecue and beverage pairings youve probably never thought of Want to bring a little summer flare to your wine and cheese party Just add some dry-cured meat and whip
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Mendocinos 10-day Dungeness crab feast opens in January

Prices and dates vary A Crab Brunch 85 with fresh seafood farm produce and wine pairings on Jan 20 at Pennyroyal Farm A Crab Cremant ride 56-66 aboard the Skunk Train from both the Fort Bragg and Willits stations on Jan 20 and 27 includes
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