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Creating A Counterfeit-Proof Sneaker Marketplace

New startups working with venture investors get all kinds of advice; some very good, some not so much. But GOAT Co-Founder Eddy Lu probably got some of the most memorable advice from one of his investors in the aftermath of a Black Friday 2015 …Read more

Sneaker marketplace GOAT has an app just for China

Online sneaker marketplace GOAT announced their official launch in China WeChat has allowed brands to create WeChat mini-experiences which allow them to design custom interfaces for use inside the app In addition GOATs new Hong Kong base will
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After 100 Million Foot Locker Investment Sneaker Marketplace GOAT Launches New App in China

Were going to where some of our biggest consumers are to make sure we can best sellers on GOATs app and the marketplace has more than 1 million sneakers listed While the privately
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Nike unveils major sneaker innovation that was 10 years in the making

Runners create this worn path because running on Foot Locker makes 100M bet on popular online sneaker marketplace GOAT
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Nike Waffle Shoe sells for 475500 becoming the most expensive sneakers ever auctioned

The sneakers marketplace Stadium Goods While aged and brown the 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe is almost a mythical part of sneaker history The shoes were made by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman who used his wifes waffle iron to create
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Urban Culture Helps Sneaker Exchange StockX Reach 1 Billion Valuation

Sneaker reselling is big business as StockX has turned resales into a kind of currency through its online marketplace Urban culture has Hip hop loves to talk about their limited sneakers creating market envy and a reason for platforms like StockX
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GUEST COMMENT How to create a successful fashion marketplace

For many brands and retailers it is an incredibly successful model eBay for example sells a pair of womens footwear every five seconds and a pair of mens shoes every 10 and Nexts Labels marketplace as how it will create a better
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