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Could La Folia be history's most enduring tune?

“La Folia has been used in films a lot of times before in different ways,” Adam Grannick, a film-maker and Folia devotee, tells BBC Culture. “There was …Read more

121214 2012멜론뮤직어워드 인피니트 CUT (cr.닥치고성규)

When I Met You.wmv


true love (1_2)

Listen Again to River of Music

Listen carefully for the most famous leitmotif of all time the Chan Chan became their signature tune It reminds me of those ancient tunes such as La Folia and La Spagnoletta with their repeating harmonic patterns and the Latin flavour of the
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The anti-vaccine movement Is it too late for scientists to bridge the gap between evidence and fear

The FDAs analysis revealed that because several new vaccines were added to the immunization schedule after 1988 some infants could be exposed to as much To this day this is one of the most spectacular examples of the law of unintended consequences
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Saturday 4 June

Most of that he could be identified by the outline of his glasses alone Born in Edinburgh his career spanned six decades from late night reviews to prime-time sit-coms His success was due to his own abilities but also to two enduring and
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