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Corporate Travel Booker TravelPerk Raises an Extra $60 Million

The company is doing well, considering it's operating in one of the most difficult markets for business travel. Now it's hinting at new, out-of-the-box …Read more

Corporate Travel Booker TravelPerk Raises an Extra 60 Million

The company is doing well considering its operating in one of the most difficult markets for business travel Now its hinting at new out-of-the-box products but well have to wait and
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On the Spot On this United flight seats come at a premium

Economy seats cost an extra 60 on and travel website It has enabled airlines to achieve a profit The most recent statistics from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics do indeed show that airlines are profitable making 228 million in
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Priceline founder discusses new travel site

A Every business is looking for ways to control business travel costs Every last one Up to now nobody has really brought the traveler into the equation Theyve got policies procedures rules and booking Priceline I had to buy 10 million
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Here are the 5 hottest startups in Spain

If you take a lot of business trips or manage them at your company TravelPerk might just become your new favorite tool Theyre revolutionizing the way organizations budget book and manage business travel is to raise up to 5 million for
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Airlines ticket firms battle over booking system

Airlines want to raise travel agencies and trying to control ticket distribution The extra revenue from add-ons such as seat assignments and priority check-in could total 30-60 billion over the next five years said Yanik Hoyles director of
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Airfares go up not just because of oil

Airlines have used surging oil prices to justify fare increases of up to 60 per ticket since the start The improving economy Business travelers are expected to take 441 million trips this year a 3 percent increase from 2010 As a result airlines
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