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Cornwall Arts Centre entering design phase

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Wednesday, July 24, at the unveiling of new donor panels honouring the financial supporters of the Arts Centre, the City of …Read more

Diamond Schmitt swaps concrete for glass at brutalist arts centre in Ottawa

The original National Arts Centre entering the venue the newly designed atrium to the north is made of steel The space features a refurbished stairwell and new recessed panels overhead made from Douglas fir These triangular coffers mimic the design
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Ramsay Centre gets first uni over the line

Australias first secular liberal arts entering into an agreement with Ramsay would be given complete academic autonomy However the Ramsay board which is chaired by former prime minister John Howard still has to green-light the initial course design
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Why so many Silicon Valley companies are moving to Vancouver

After stints at McKinsey Electronic Arts and GoPro he was recruited to the Tile and 60000 others as loyal customers Currently entering another growth phasethe business is looking to expand from 500 employees to 700 by the end of the year
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Please miss can I have a detention

Now though Kingsdale is in the first phase of a restructuring and renovation programme bubble-like textile membrane roof seen at the Eden Project Cornwall and the National Space Centre Leicester two intriguing and popular buildings designed
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Antoinette Campbell A CREATIVE AT HEART

as she stirred her vanilla chai tea at Cannonball Caf in Barbican Centre St Andrew last week But like the protagonist in a good romance novel Campbell found her way back to her love for the arts in a way she did not imagine She fell in love with
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After a strong Q1 Hudson Pacific ups the ante in Vancouver co-working

In an earnings call Thursday Hudson Pacifics HPP CEO and Chairman Victor Coleman said the firm has had multiple conversations on multiple levels about how to enter the crowded the firm is in the design development phase for a 467000
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