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Coppola, Megalopolis un nuovo Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now ha ancora qualcosa da dire, anzi nel 'Final Cut' restaurato esprime al meglio il 'suo' tema, "la moralità", con un'eredità cinematografica che il suo papà Francis Ford Coppola vuole infondere anche al progetto personale più ambizioso, più …Read more

Great directors and the movies they never made

This is the Joseph Conrad novel that gave Francis Ford Coppola the framework for Apocalypse Now 1979 Heart of Darkness was supposed Other Welles projects that went un-done at least by Welles Monsieur Verdoux Charlie Chaplin later bought
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Planet Salgado

Quite contrary to the received image of a torpid abject megalopolis of misery Today he has three passports Brazilian French and United Nationsno longer rootless but still cosmopolitan I have he says laconically a lot of friends
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Francis Ford Coppola Ready To Make Megalopolis And Is Eyeing Cast

EXCLUSIVE On the eve of his 80th birthday Francis Ford Coppola is ready to embark on one of his dream projects He plans to direct Megalopolis a sprawling film as ambitious as Apocalypse Now that he has been plotting for many years Coppola revealed
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Or for those of you under the age of 20 hes Sofia Coppolas dad On Friday after a 10-year absence Francis Ford Coppola returns with Youth was such an incredible experience Apocalypse Now was fascinating But at this point I want
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Weekly Round-Up Robert Pattinson Potentially Cast As Batman Daniel Radcliffe Updates More

Fans have loved her portrayal of MI-6 Russian Desk Head Carolyn Martens possibly even more so and now she has the director Francis Ford Coppola discussed an epic he has been obsessed with making for decades The film Megalopolis about trying to
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Tokyo Film Festival US Indie Scoops Top Prize Tim Burton And Takeshi Kitano Honored

But while our stay in the Asian megalopolis ended on a personal level of that film newcomer Arielle Holmes and Caleb Landry Jones to come but for now here are a few words about each of the nights winners and a few impressions overall
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