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Copa do Mundo Feminina: Saiba onde assistir Itália e Holanda ao vivo

Neste sábado, 29/06, acontece mais uma partida válida pela Copa do Mundo Feminina. Se enfrentam Itália e Holanda, 10h (horário de Brasília), com partida ao vivo transmitida na TV fechada, pelo SporTV. Veja Também: Band bate novo recorde de …Read more

Three keys to turning longevity into a gift for life

Human beings are living longer and longer and this new longevity can either be a gift or a curse depending on what we do about it now At least this is the conclusion of two London Business School professors Andrew Scott and Lynda Gratton authors of
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Reflections of an ordinary woman A future made in Africa

All the roads and high rises that can be built in Europe and America have been built Africa is the new place to do up the roads build huge high-rises modern looking officesunderground car parks and the likes Europeans Asians and Americans are used to
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