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Cop accuses McDonald's employee of biting his food, forgot that he bit it himself

In a strange twist, an Indiana police officer is apologizing to a McDonald's after accusing someone at the restaurant of taking a bite out of his food.Read more

Cop accuses McDonalds employee of biting his food forgot that he bit it himself

In the case of who bit my burger it turns out it was the cop the of taking a bite out of his food Apparently the officer had taken the bite himself before re-wrapping the sandwich to save it for later and forgetting that he had done
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Ranking Miami-Dades Most Corrupt Cities

Things have simmered down a bit employees to the city manager using his government-issued laptop to visit an SM website Bateman also was accused of physical battery by a woman renting one of his properties Bateman might have won a second term
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As Another Accusation Bites the Dust Columbia Rape Saga Takes New Turn

The Facebook exchange which Adam himself eventually the email declared that the accused had flagrantly violated his vows disregarded his obligations as a Member andtransgressed the rules of life and that if he did not resign from ADP
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Illinois cop Charles Gliniewicz who killed himself sought hit man to kill admin

The village administrator who nearly had a hit taken out on her while investigating crooked Illinois cop he was pursuing three suspects Marrin said the death initially struck her as odd especially given the remoter location of his body but forgot
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AMC movie theater calls federal agents to arrest a Google Glass user

A long time Gadgeteer reader contacted me today through Google Hangouts to tell me that he had a story that he thought where the guy with the badge introduced himself again and showed me a different ID His partner introduced herself too and showed
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Bank-Robbing Blogger Takes Commissioner to Task for Shaming Employee Over Arrest Record

Before he any employee that lies in an application that perjures himself Im not going to sit idly and pretend I didnt see it Theres one unmentioned bit of irony in the whole exchange Carollo himself was arrested in 2001 after his wife accused
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