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Consumer Buying Behavior Data Reveals Impact Of Social

Search marketers analyzing a variety of consumer behaviors to determine whether the person will make a purchase today or in three months may also want to consider the time and the sequence of events that occur on social platforms just prior to the …Read more

How social media influences consumer buying decisions

A recent report from Deloitte shows how social media affects consumer behavior The study focused on how According to their data 56 percent of consumers buying baby products are influenced by social media compared to 40 percent for home furnishings
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SUMO Heavys Retail Consumer Survey Reveals Shoppers Have Mixed Views On Social Commerce

20 2018 PRNewswire — Digital commerce consulting firm SUMO Heavy today released its 2018 Social Commerce Revisited report which explores the impact of social media on consumer behavior and how privacy and user data have made consumers skeptical
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Social Networks Send Buyers into Brick and Mortar Stores Data Reveals

The results show that the top social behavior in sharply different ways Overall the findings suggest that marketers need to be increasingly aware of the various consumer listening channels that are influencing buying activities including the growing
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STUDY Confusion Over Ingredients in Personal Care Products Impacts Female Buying Behavior

It surveyed more than 1000 consumers on the importance of ingredients in personal care products feelings of confusion with personal care product ingredients and labeling and the behavioral impact of this confusion on purchasing behavior Consumer demand
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Cuebiq and Jumpshot Team Up to Measure Impact of Super Bowl LI Ads on Consumer Behavior

Analyzing the impact clickstream data of its 100-million global customer panel to reveal todays buying mind with a scope of understanding never before attainable From the key sources of traffic to a site to browsing and buying behavior and
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Big data reveals human interests behavior

Physorg Information technology advances are leading to ever-growing accumulations of big data making it and predicting human behavior providing knowledge that can be valuable to business economics social sciences health care even
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