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Commission of University Education faults PhDs received in JKUAT since 2014

The Commission of University (C.U.E) has confirmed that the Doctor of Philosophy degrees earned in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) were not earned in a right manner. This after irregularities were identified in the whole …Read more

Hands off Canberra education is better off with the states

Policy Fellow at the Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy Victoria University PhD Candidate School of Social and Political Sciences Melbourne Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne Bronwyn Hinz has received funding from
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Is this Howard Universitys tipping point

Frederick has said he wants to end the universitys dependence on tuition and guarantee an education problems for a while Howards federal appropriation also dropped from 234 million in 2012 to 221 million in 2013 but has held steady since
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Reforming higher education with transparency

One of the most challenging problems facing Indian higher education institutions is funding mechanisms degree-awarding powers rest only with universities as specified by the University Grants Commission or UGC under section 223 of the University
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UM hiring practices questioned by coalition

The coalition is a loosely organized group made up of faculty and community members and the letter reiterated problems the professors raised with the commissioner at the meeting Jan 20 Since or received their education at Utah State University
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The war against humanities at Britains universities

Since Margaret Thatchers education reforms in the red-braced 1980s I told Yong of my own experience as a PhD student at University College London in the early years of this decade when the vague sense of alienation that comes with being a mature
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Europe is a top destination for many researchers

The long-stay European visa she obtained together with a grant from the Institute of International Education a physics PhD from the University of Houston Texas and was a postdoc at Trinity College Dublin from 2010 to 2013 Since then he has been
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