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Comment: Getting travel retail exclusives in eyewear right

Some 54% of travellers say they are interested in buying unique or exclusive sunglasses in travel retail channels, and that figure climbs to 62% when …Read more

Comment The importance of KOL marketing for travel retail

Ahead of the first exclusive research to be published next week Marie Tulloch Senior Client Services Manager at Emerging Communications identifies the nuances of getting Chinese influencer marketing right the importance of identifying the best prospects
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Exclusive Amazon to Get Into Hotel Booking With Launch of Travel Site

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment Amazons mission is to create a marketplace for retailers who might have a difficulty finding customers and a high-profile section of Amazoncom in the form of an Amazon Travel would offer such a
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Exclusive Sunnies Face Has Arrived

It was perhaps this the democracy of retail and beauty that made the idea of creating a beauty brand more real to the Sunnies founders Martine recalls how her Instagram comments section different colors to get to that one right color Jess
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Opening Apples Lucky Bags in Japan where 300 can get you a MacBook Air

We managed to see second-in-line Yon a lucky bag regular get his bag which housed an 11-inch MacBook Air alongside a cover case and travel adapter going to remain a Japan-exclusive Apple Japan said it doesnt comment on future plans
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How to Advertise Your Business 28 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Firm

Learning how to advertise your businesswhether its a growing design firm or soon-to-be-unveiled retail storealso means keeping and allows you to tailor a message until you get it right Crafting blog posts articles or other content on
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How to Turn a Loan From Your Father Into 26 Billion an Exclusive Interview with Roger Penske

and today you own over 325 retail auto and I travel quite a bit to visit our locations and meet with our teams He actually logs over 600000 air miles a year I think it is very important to see how things are operating and get that personal
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