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Code Vein Developers Talk About Character Design and Show Gorgeous Art in New Video

Today Bandai Namco released a new video featuring its upcoming masocore action-JRPG Code Vein. The video showcases Producer Keita Iizuka, character designer Kurumi Kobayashi, and Koichi Itakura as they talk about the creation of the designs for the …Read more


March Event 2019 — Apple

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Character Creation – All Starting Options Available on PS4

Yuuki and Strea Confirmed & Offline PvP Info in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Code Vein Developers Talk About Character Design and Show Gorgeous Art in New Video

Sakurai Reveals Heros Moveset Release Date for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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Code Vein Interview Boss Fights Gifts System Progression System And More

The development characters youll be able to find out more of and fall in love with Can you talk about the nature of Code Veins world Is it more of a large traditional open world or can we expect it to feature layered and interconnected level
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E3 2017 diversity report female game characters mask lack of progress

Photograph Andrew CullenAFPGetty Images For most gamers early June is a kind of video-game Desert Online Code Vein Sea of Thieves Crackdown 3 and maybe the stylistic Ashen The extended Anthem demo starred a female character though knowing
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Final Fantasy VII Remakes Cloud character design has changed

During a talk show at the Clouds design has changed from what we have previously seen Final Fantasy VII Remake development lead Naoki Hamaguchi said the new design finally got the OK from director and original character designer Tetsuya
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We talk to Cobra Kai showrunners about the inspiration future of the show

The show video and glossing over all the sadistic things that he and his karate gang were doing to this new kid in school I think all joking aside one of the things we love about the original Karate Kid was the depth of that Johnny Lawrence
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Video Creating the characters and world of Mafia III

In this GDC 2017 talk IIIs characters and overarching narrative and the decisions that drove the inclusion of sensitive issues such as the eras racial tensions It was an insightful talk thats definitely still worth watching so developers shouldn
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