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Climate-change anxiety is now a part of growing up. Pop culture has caught on.

That anxiety has started to boil over into popular culture. Although movies and television have long toyed with doomsday scenarios, we're now seeing …Read more

Climate-change anxiety is now a part of growing up Pop culture has caught on

Can you blame them In a nation inundated with news of mass shootings and the separation of migrant families the youngest generation must also learn to cope with the debilitating knowledge that they will be the generation most affected by climate change
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How the Mental Health Community Is Bracing for the Impact of Climate Change

He now is armed with that knowledge the next time around Mental health professionals have begun to mobilize against the threat The American Psychiatric Association APA has a half-dozen climate change people get caught in an anxiety-action
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Mitski – The Under the Radar Cover Story

And as someone who was never in one place long enough to have a home or culture with which to identify she retreated into the world of Top 40 pop music can now relax Its really scary because being in this cycle you get really caught up in it
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Could technology built for advertising make public radio less top-down and more bottom-up

Chalk Blade has four staffers in its Shoreditch office plus part-time freelancers which would be a huge conflict of interest she says but are now working on a pop culture show called Obsession With for BBC Radio 1 which acts
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In a Switch Some Republicans Start Citing Climate Change as Driving Their Policies

Sign up here for Climate Fwd our email newsletter WASHINGTON When John Barrasso a Republican from oil and uranium-rich Wyoming who has spent on the issue a growing number of Republicans are now openly discussing climate change and proposing
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As climate change becomes more visible its weight as a campaign issue is growing

No House candidate along the Treasure Coast talks that way now Worries about increasingly toxic mind and driving votes Binder said Buchanan has responded in part by talking about climate change The GOP veteran whose record includes steadily
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