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Climate Weekly: Food, fuel or forests?

The draft summary for policymakers leaked this week by Business Standard puts the spotlight on tensions between food, fuel and forests. Particularly …Read more

Climate Weekly Food fuel or forests

The climate discourse has long been dominated by energy A report on land use coming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change next month could change that The draft summary for policymakers leaked this week by Business Standard puts the
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Ags Climate Challenge Grow 50 More Food Without More Land or Emissions

It means less beef less food waste News Weekly Our stories Your inbox Every weekend Please subscribe me to the following mailing lists Clean Economy Wire Todays Climate ICN Articles
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Can planting trees save our climate

We should not do that with monocultures but carefully close to nature and sustainably in order to reap various additional benefits of forests on local climate biodiversity water cycle and even as a food source But we must not fall for illusions about
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Climate crisis needs radical food changes

The entire food climate crisis which is likely to put harvests at hazard on a global scale Agriculture together with forestry and changes in land use accounts for a quarter of all the carbon dioxide methane and oxides of nitrogen that fuel
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We can address climate change while we grow plenty of food for Earths population

Ways to take carbon out of the atmosphere also can address population and provide more food In fact of the top 20 strategies 12 relate to growing food preserving forests most dangerous fuel of all coal The beauty of the climate-population
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Turning down the heat on forest restoration

During the run-up to the Paris climate fuel sources India also promised an additional carbon sink a means to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of 25 to 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent through additional forest and
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