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Climate change to cut access to food nutrients

[NAIROBI] Dietary protein, iron and zinc could decline by 2050 in Africa and the rest of the world because of climate change and increasing carbon …Read more

Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

Sir David Attenborough: an interview with the Wellcome Trust

BREAKING: James Cameron Says Animal Ag Is Destroying The Planet

Where Does Your Food Come From? – Short Documantry By Ateay

Rising carbon dioxide climate change projected to reduce availability of nutrients worldwide

These findings suggest that climate change could slow progress on improvements in global nutrition by simply making key nutrients beyond food consumptionincluding access to clean water
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Climate Change Rising CO2 Decrease Global Availability of Key Nutrients

Climate change and rising carbon dioxide CO2 could significantly decrease the availability of essential nutrients such as protein a consideration of the many factors beyond food consumption including access to clean water sanitation and education
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Climate change and increasing CO2 could decrease the availability of critical nutrients

New research finds that over the next 30 years climate change and increasing carbon dioxide CO2 could significantly reduce the availability of critical nutrients such the many factors beyond food consumption–including access to clean water
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The Argument for Protecting Wild Foods

Wild foods or wild edible species provide important nutrients for millions of people worldwide in large part due to conflict and climate change affecting 821 million people We are homogenizing our diet to few crops that arent resilient or
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Will Climate Change Cause Food Sources to Dwindle

Both floods and winds after droughts can erode the soil and sap its nutrients The risk of floods Penn State University The Future of Food The Conversation Climate change will make rice less nutritious Environmental Health
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Climate trillions frittered in the wind

A global poll by the UN of nearly 10 million people found that climate change was the lowest priority of all 16 challenges considered At the very top unsurprisingly are issues such as better education better healthcare and access to nutritious food
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