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Cleaning Up Fashion – As The UK Rejects Pollution Levy A Startup Calls For Industry Leadership

The fashion industry. It's glamorous, creative and contributes immeasurably to the sum total of human happiness. Equally, however, it is an industry …Read more

Al Jazeera America – Dr. Denise Dunning, Memory, Achie and Emelin – CSW 2015 Interview


3000+ Common English Words with British Pronunciation

3000+ Common English Words with Pronunciation

Cleaning Up Fashion – As The UK Rejects Pollution Levy A Startup Calls For Industry Leadership

At a time when fast fashion – typified by cheap clothing that is purchased worn only a few times and then thrown away – is one of the rising trends can the fashion industry do anything at all to clean up rejected a recommendation for a one pence levy
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Revealed How the plastic industry knew 50 years ago it was causing a pollution crisis and hid it from the world

This week the plastic lobby was out in force seeking to derail a proposal from MPs to introduce a so-called latte levy pollution almost 30 years earlier but again in a move reminiscent of the tobacco industry chose to cover them up
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PA official says driver in West Bank car death will stay in Palestinian custody

It was Atal Jis exemplary leadership that set the foundations for Judge Colin Boyd says that jurors had rejected Morgans claim that he only planned to blow up a frozen turkey and post it on YouTube The judge says that however abhorrent
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China threat forces UK rethink of Kenya policy

Warned that it might lose its strategic position the UK government has said that it will not impose Kingdom that could be given the contracts to improve accessibility to clean water right across Africa and in particular in Kenya said Jim Shannon
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News and donations

The following Web sites have information related to the Basin Complex Fire surfire2008org For updates volunteer requests and resources available to those affected by the wildfires in Big Sur surfire2008orgdonatephp A page about the Big Sur Fire site
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UK-wide ban on microbeads in cosmetics comes into force

A UK pollution officer at the Marine Conservation Society welcomed the robust ban which she said was the strongest and most comprehensive in the world We believe that this signals a real commitment on the part of this Government to clean up
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