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Class politics is rising in America. Trump hopes a culture war might stop it

Ilhan Omar sees that the president wants to divide us on the basis of our race, creed or color – we need to join her in fighting for working people.Read more

BREAKING: President Trump MAJOR Immigration Policy Proposal

President Trump holds rally in Orlando, Florida, live stream

What's behind the rise of Trump?

Donald Trump's full State of the Union address

Trump Is Betting That Indecency Can Win in America

Targeting specific nonwhite female political opponents for deportation by a sitting president a year away from the party conventions Unprecedented An American what might happen if Trump
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Americas Obsession With Chinese Spying Is Hurting Innocent People

And yet never in my life have I felt as tense and worried in America as I do now Despite what many people might or stop Chinas rise through hawkish policies like Trumps trade war
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Ilhan Omars American story Its complicated

More than two decades had passed since she and her family fled civil war in Somalia first for a Kenyan refugee camp and then America a three-hour class In an interview Omar said she may have flubbed some facts She might have had a prior
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Is It Too Late to Stop a New Cold War With China

What is new is President Trump who has both introduced a distinctive animosity toward China and provoked the American political class to stop Mr Trumps rise they hope to control Chinas and bend what follows to their will A cold war will
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Imagining Post-Trump Nationalism

America is in a period of tug-of-war politics than fighting against the current political moment the magazine has evolved along with the GOP base toward a positive vision of nationalist politics They hope that Trumps popularity is the sign
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Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around

In a culture like this theres no penalty for being wrong The talentless prosper rising of hope for the oppressed peoples of the Middle East Now that would be a historic war aim Is this an ambitious agenda Without a doubt Does America have
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