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City's New Ticket Taxes to Help Fund Arts, Arena Repairs

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Two new 5% taxes on arts, sports and entertainment ticket sales are set to take effect Monday in Ohio's capital city.Read more


Arena Public Information Meeting | Paradise Valley Community Center | January 7, 2019


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Citys New Ticket Taxes to Help Fund Arts Arena Repairs

Its expected to generate 24 million a year for arena improvements and 600000 for the arts Opponents argue the taxes will hurt event attendance Theyre hoping to put a proposal on the ballot so voters could decide whether to end the new ticket taxes
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Selling the ticket tax Or how the Greater Columbus Arts Council wants to rejigger how we support the arts and save Nationwide Arena

But most of those taxes go into a general fund instead of a specific arts-only pot We are proposing something different for Columbus Goldstein said The ticket new chillers and a new roof But does it make sense for an arts surcharge to help th
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Columbus City Council approves 5 percent ticket tax

The Greater Columbus Arts Council originally proposed a 7-percent ticket tax as a way to funnel money back to the arts community and help to fund their projects The Stability Fund will fund repairs at Nationwide Arena like a new roof and scoreboard
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Corporate Medicis to the Rescue

In May Mr Franceschini the culture minister announced a new tax deduction intended to encourage private festoon the scaffolding and be printed on admission tickets for the 2000-year-old arena Mr Della Valle said he had no intention of exploiting
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Theme parks nudge county to ramp up marketing

In future years most of the money from the extra cent will go to pay off debt on the 11 billion venues plan which includes a new arena for the Magic a performing-arts help cover its operating budget and also budgets for construction and repairs
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Camdens waterfront – and its woes

But how does that help the city Greg Charbeneau the aquariums executive director says the facility now pays sales tax to New Jersey to build a training center for culinary arts carpentry auto repair landscaping and HVAC installation
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