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City of Flint issues statement regarding Mayor Weaver travel to Hawaii for conference

As a general rule, the Conference does not pay for mayors' travel. Mayors attend our constitutionally mandated Annual Meeting as a fulfillment of their …Read more

City Council 06 11 18

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UPDATE Flint mayor enters into emergency trash agreement with Rizzo Environmental Services

FLINT Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has formally notified Republic Services that the companys trash hauling services will no longer be needed – effective the close of business Friday Sept 23 Several city council members held a news conference Friday
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Michigan suspends workers restores Flint mayoral powers in water crisis

FLINT issues Some DEQ actions lacked common sense and that resulted in this terrible tragedy in Flint Snyder said in a statement Shortly before Snyders announcement the Michigan Treasurer said Mayor Weaver who was elected in November to lead the
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Snyder About 200 Flint kids have elevated blood-lead levels

The Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee is a 17-member panel that will make recommendations regarding the Rick Snyder and Flint Mayor Karen Weaver have scheduled a news conference to address the actions the Michigan city has taken and
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After court threat Mich removed Flints power to sue

Days after Flint Mayor Karen Weaver served said the city cannot know what motivated the change but the timing of the amendment speaks for itself Previously the city administrator had discretionary authority regarding litigation now the city
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EPA blasts handling of Flint water crisis says risks remain

President Barack Obama meanwhile announced in remarks to the US Conference in the city Obama who declared a state of emergency in Flint last Saturday noted that earlier this week he met with Flint Mayor Karen Weaver to talk about what has
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Flint water treatment plant foreman was found dead days before three of his colleagues were charged over the citys contaminated water crisis

The death of a Water Treatment Plant foreman who was found dead at his home on April 16 by a friend who went to visit him comes amid charges against three men involved in the citys water crisis Flint Mayor Karen Weaver announced the sudden death of
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