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City gets truckin' on mobile food ordinance

Dubois County is filled with Mexican food options, and the non-traditional dining spot provided a new, fun way for customers to experience their …Read more

City gets truckin on mobile food ordinance

The topic of mobile food vendors in Jasper has stirred debate for years Currently the city does not have be poised to approve an ordinance that would allow vendors to operate in a standardized fashion The variety that gets offered with a mobile
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Vermilion food truck ordinance worries residents debate continues

Discussion concerning the authorization of food trucks in the city of Vermilion continued Oct 22 during a City Council meeting A mobile food services options before acting on the ordinance We are trying to get more information Herron said
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Serving it up Citys mobile food trucks enjoying early business success

Thats when the idea of getting into mobile food vending a long-debated proposal to allow food trucks in public spaces in the City of Petoskey food trucks were given the green light last June A licensing ordinance for food trucks is set to run
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After successful test run Grand Rapids adopts food truck policy with some tweaks

In addition to making the ordinance permanent staff recommended that the city approve its definition of a mobile food business as a business Theres significant expense in upgrading your equip to get to that even some of the new stuff
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North Bend City Council expresses mixed feelings on food truck fees

NORTH BEND A motion to reduce the fees for incoming mobile dock and get food from the trucks Paula Holmes the owner of the Tin Thistle Caf said she was not in favor of lowering the fee and adjusting the citys current ordinance
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County exploring suggestion of impounding unlicensed mobile food vendors equipment

The Kern County Department of Public Health could soon be strengthening its regulations on mobile city streets The grand jury recommended the county fast-track the new ordinance that would be required to impound the equipment of unlicensed food
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