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Christopher and Graeme Raeburn on the future of fashion

Christopher Raeburn is a fashion designer and the founder of innovative and environmentally responsible fashion brand Raeburn. In November of last …Read more

What Christopher Raeburns Timberland Appointment Means for the Future of Fashion

When Christopher Raeburn debuted a collaboration with Timberland at London Fashion Week Mens in June responsible manufacturing isnt a passing trend Its the future Even though its not going to be easy and its going to take time it really
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EXCLUSIVE Christopher Raeburn Gets Ready for the Next 10 Years

LONDON Ten years after generating buzz with a first collection of eight garments made from military parachute fabric and big ambitions around recycling Christopher Raeburn the fashion industrys environmental impact last year Graeme addressed
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Menswear designer Christopher Raeburn on sustainability and the future of fashion

The British designer whos on the London Fashion Week Mens schedule is big into sustainability We took a look around his showroom and spoke to him about how he sticks to sustainability – and why its so important
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Lena Waithe On The Power Of Fashion And What Pride Month Means To Her

Following her upcycling session she sat down with Vogue to discuss the obligations of leadership the future of Hollywood and the importance of making political statements on the red carpet On the power of statement-making fashion On the red carpet
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What Does Brexit Mean For The Future Of British Fashion

Earlier this month at London Collections Men British fashions commitment to remaining in the EU was made clear as designers filled their shows with pro-Europe and pro-Remain iconography There were Christopher Raeburns patches which featured
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the designers fashioning the future

a look that was very deliberately self-segregated off in a separate lane from fashion Five years ago there were only one or two designers who committed to sustainability and got on with it Christopher Raeburn and Bruno Pieters Honest By were
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