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China storms global pop culture with its iconic new products

“My favourite aspect of TikTok culture is how it enables the creation of video memes, and how it's a fairly low barrier to join in and create your own,” …Read more

Pop Life Global and Chinas Imperial Palace is Collaborating With DC Collectibles For New Figure Line

In another attempt to try and get some new product out to collectors DC Collectibles has announced a new figure line being done in partnership with Pop Life Global of Chinese royal artistic works to promote the Chinese royal culture by combining
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Warming oceans create golden age for big-wave surfing

A handful of days every year Jaws bares its teeth It thunders toward the shoreline growing to the size of a downtown building Its power energy and sheer size have made it one of the most famous ambitious a product of surf culture but also a
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Chinese brands can flourish by tapping into culture

Some icons are manifest in product design Victorinox a producer of portable cutlery adorns its pocket knives with a white cross that reminds consumers of its Swiss origins and the world-famous Swiss efforts at tapping Chinese culture have paid
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Vietnamese pop star Snoop Dogg storm YouTube with new music video

Vietnamese pop sensation Son Tung M-TP has broken a slew of records with his new song creating an immediate global impact the South Korean visual crew who has made famous products like Countless SHINee and On It Jay Park It took Tung and the
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Beyond Meats Asia Ally Taking Alt-Pork to Swine Fever-Hit China

Bloomberg — After its success distributing s umami-laden food culture They may not speak Chinese or other Asian languages but they need to know whats xiao long bao and whats char siu said Yeung referring to the famous broth-filled
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Why HM Is Using Kung Fu to Boost Its Business

Instead I think it is a new way that are recognising its creative capital As Chinese designers receive more attention on a global level it benefits our creativity and motivates us while shining a spotlight on our culture said Chen
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