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Chile vs. Colombia: Sigue aquí online el partido por cuartos de final …

… mide ante los 'cafetaleros' en un partido donde el ganador avanzará a semifinales del torneo continental. TVN 28.06.2019. Chile y Colombia se miden en la Arena Corinthians en un partido válido por cuartos de final de la Copa América 2019.Read more

Un viernes de pura salsa en Sandunga Radio

Nos estn escuchando en Colombia Panam Chile y hasta en Estambul Turqua indica con una sonrisa el por la sociedad en general Buscamos seguidores no oyentes Queremos gente que de verdad le gusta la radio y la salsa La radio online
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Matchups set for 2016 Copa America at Levis Stadium

The tournament will officially kick-off with the United States vs Colombia on June 3 the second match on June 6 will see Argentina take on Chile and Uruguay faces Jamaica will conclude the group stage on June 13 Levis Stadium will also host a
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Trumps battle to destroy the Mueller investigation is officially doomed

We dont know how many more Trump aides will wind up serving time behind bars what Muellers final conclusions will be or how much the president himself will be implicated in the scandal What we do know is that Trump wanted to stop the investigation
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Is enmity toward US the real reason for Assanges asylum

Faced with something that seems inexplicable from the point of view of Ecuadors interests one needs to find an explanation and the one I have found is their shared feelings of enmity toward the United States he told EL PAS Ayala said that Ecuador
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Venezuela US Withholds 5B for Medicine

While the vice presidents of Economy and Social Tareck El Aissami and Aristobulo Isturiz respectively will install a meeting with private and public sector representatives to establish the system of costs prices production and distribution of
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Monsignor dog with a bone

the bishop of Alcal de Henares has achieved the exact opposite of that he has angered divided and created confrontation among his flock A different man would try to calm things down But not Reig Pla They dont call him Monsignor dog with a bone
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