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Childhood cancer wipes out 11 million years of human potential each year

What does the world lose when a child gets cancer? Out of 2.2 billion children worldwide, more than 416,500 children are diagnosed and 142,300 are estimated to die from the disease each year. Though in hard numbers it’s a relatively small portion, each life …Read more

No 1 risk for child stunting in developing world Poor growth before birth

Early life growth faltering is strongly linked to lost educational attainment and the immense cost of unrealized human potential in in lost wages and 69 million years of educational attainment for children born each year Knowing the major risk
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Beaten raped tortured and starved The shocking fate of Eastern European sex trafficking victims revealed

Her gaze alternates between boring into the ground and scouring the horizon out the window Her right foot taps nervously on the wooden floor She is one of the 55 female trafficking victims helped each year at investment in human potential needs
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Zika virus wipes out two types of brain tumors in mice

The mosquito-borne virus Zika ignited fears around the world more than two years ago Merck paid 394 million to acquire the company Meanwhile researchers in Canada are studying the potential of Maraba virus in treating breast cancer while a team
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2015 The Best Year in History for the Average Human Being

The targets suggested that the world could wipe out years and suggest that working together humanity can do even better over the next 15 The combination of that progress with that potential is why 2015 was the best year in history for the average
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Educational and occupational outcomes of childhood cancer survivors 30 years after diagnosis a French cohort study

Although survival from childhood cancer has increased in France is free of charge and compulsory until the age of 16 years College fees are not expensive 500 per year and the state can provide fellowships Employment status was assessed
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GMO salmon Tinder health foundation fixes News from around our 50 states

Bustang program manager Mike Timlin says the number of passengers has continued to outpace what the state Department of Transportation plans for each year The service is Park City Olympic Park has announced an 11 million expansion to renovate
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