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Cheap Plastic Sunglasses Harmful For Eye-sight

Cheap sunglasses could harm eye-sight, cause eye related issues during scorching and humid summer, Dr.Tassaduq an eye specialist said on Wednesday. ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 31st Jul, 2019 ) :Cheap sunglasses could harm …Read more


Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)

11 Tricks for Those Who Wear Glasses (FUNNY BONUS)


Can Cheap Sunglasses Be Bad for Your Eyes

Its an enormous increase and now youre allowing much more harmful light into your eyes than if you didnt wear the cheap sunglasses at all a feature that manufacturers can add to plastic lenses simply by dipping them in a special
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Dont be blinded by cheap sunglasses experts warn

The black-coloured plastic used to make these sunglasses is often of very poor quality Eye experts warn that wearing cheap low quality sunglasses can be damaging to the eyes They can cause blurry vision red eyes burning itching and even lead to viral
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Choose the right sunglasses to protect from photokeratitis

Make sure your eyes are protected year-round Harmful UV rays are present even on cloudy days Most ophthalmologists offices or optical shops will have a UV light meter that can test the UV-blocking ability of sunglasses and even cheap glasses can
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The Scary Reason Cheap Sunglasses Are Terrible For Your Eyes

Youre cruising the aisles at the dollar store and spot the cutest little pair of cats eye sunglasses OK theyre made of the cheapest plastic known to man Although youll want to skip that dirt-cheap dollar store pair know that lighter-lensed
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How to Know If Your Sunglasses Will Protect Your Eyes from Sun Damage

Share on Pinterest The sun can damage your eyes in a number of ways including ocular melanoma and cataracts Getty Images The cheap sunglasses from are warning that not all sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet UV light
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Sunglasses That Help Your Eyes as Well as Your Look

These harmful invisible rays can reach the eyes added to plastic lenses If in doubt about the UV protection afforded by your existing glasses ask an optician who has a spectrometer to check them Ideally both regular eyeglasses and sunglasses
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