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Chaos in Karachi

It is hard to believe that in this day and age a mere three or four inches of rain could result in Pakistan’s largest city becoming virtually paralyzed and people dying as a result of the situation created. It seems too often that Karachi has been abandoned as a city …Read more

At monsoons mercy Karachi drains being cleaned at snails pace

Although the cleaning operation is underway at several points officials may not be able to complete the task before rains hit Karachi Bracing monsoon season Chaos as rain continues to lash
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Violence chaos as nurses PTI lawmakers protest near CM House

KARACHI Chaotic scenes were witnessed near CM House on Thursday where police used water cannons and resorted to baton charge to stop a rally of protesting nurses with active participation of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insafs lawmakers and local leaders
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Protesting nurses clash with police dozens arrested

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah took notice of a nurses protest in Karachi and ordered Deputy Inspector General South Sharjeel Kharal to release the arrested protesters Chaos had
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Karachis cattle market is expanding for better or for worse

The Karachi cattle market sits quietly for now miles away from the heart of the city It wont be long though before millions descend upon it and it is engulfed in familiar chaos Beyond the roped barricade that serves as its makeshift entrance
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Karachi on foot

THE character of Karachi lies in the topsy turvy atmosphere in the surplus of cultural and social diversity and in the clear transition from colonial to modern architectural styles Over the past decade the law and order has improved but an air of chaos
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Impact of Axle Load limitation on Pakistans economy

KARACHI Dunya News – The government has recently announced In short one axle load can lead Pakistan into a complete chaos and civil unrest and more than a trillion rupees revenue shortfall for the government
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