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Celebrating rave culture – in pictures

It aims to recapture the world that emerged from the acid house scene and present rave culture through the voices and lenses of those who …Read more

Should we celebrate the Image Society? | Michael Salu | TEDxHilversum

Tomorrowland Belgium 2018 | Official Aftermovie

Rave Party at Kasol (India)

Inside Glasgow's underground after-hours party scene

When acid house was king New photo exhibition celebrates rave culture

These stunning pictures will showcase the rave revolution that swept the UK as house music Now an exhibition called Sweet Harmony Youth of Today will celebrate one of the most significant counter-cultural phenomena in musical history
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Gurn baby gurn A massive rave retrospective is coming to London

Acieeeed To mark the 30th anniversary of 1989s Second Summer of Love the Saatchi Gallery is presenting an immersive retrospective exhibition celebrating the birth and evolution of rave culture Titled SWEET HARMONY RAVE TODAY the exhibition
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Fascinating pics reveal rave revolution that swept Britain in the 80s and 90s

IN the late 1980s Britains youth culture saw the biggest A new exhibition – Sweet Harmony Rave at the Saatchi Gallery in London – recaptures the new world which emerged from the underground scene with stunning pictures from some of the artists
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A new exhibition is tracing the rich history of rave culture

The Saatchi Gallery in London is hosting the latest exhibition to celebrate this rich musical and visual history with Sweet Harmony Rave Today an immersive exhibition designed to evoke original rave culture through multimedia installations and AV works
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Valisia LeKae Returns To The New York Stage In World Premiere Of SWEET LORRAINE

Today Rebel Theater Company in association with the NAACP Brooklyn Branch Equity in the Arts and Culture Committee and Rave Theater Festival Maharaj continues As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of A Raisin in the Sun and the renaissance of
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Alamo Drafthouse Plans Nationwide 35mm Screenings of Tarantinos Latest

Throw in stars Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie all playing against the backdrop of 1960s California and QT looks to have another pop culture behemoth on his money for the Will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneers Foundation which provides
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