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Caterer's food hygiene grade lowered after outbreak

A caterer in Singapore has had its food hygiene grade cut following a link to a foodborne Illness outbreak. A total of 52 people reported having …Read more

Caterers food hygiene grade lowered after outbreak

SFA lowered the firms food hygiene grade to C effective June 18 and continuing for 12 months Pro3 Institutional Catering also saw its food hygiene grade drop to C after a different outbreak A total of 21 people reported gastroenteritis
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Stamford Caterings food hygiene grade lowered to C after 52 people fall ill

SINGAPORE – A food caterers food hygiene grade was lowered to C after 52 people suffered food poisoning in which could be contributing factors for the outbreak This indicates poor personal and food hygiene practices the statement said
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Halal eatery Royal Palms hygiene grade lowered to C

The National Environment Agency NEA said in an advisory on Wednesday that the revised hygiene grade was due to an outbreak of a suspected food-borne illness The 65 diners reported having stomach flu symptoms after consuming food from the restaurant
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Sports event and holiday party identified as sources of norovirus outbreaks in Central Otago

Contaminated water at a sports event is responsible for one of two outbreaks of norovirus in Central Otago The Southern District Health Board has issued a hygiene warning after two large headache low-grade fever chills and muscle aches
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Yelp adds health inspection grades to LA restaurant reviews

In the section listing information about WiFi-availability and noise level will be the restaurants grade of A B or C Places that rate lower than a C receive We want to make food hygiene and protecting customers top of mind at every moment
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Hepatitis A outbreak ends infects mostly Utahs homeless population

SALT LAKE CITY A hepatitis A outbreak that two to six weeks after exposure including jaundice or yellowing of the skin and eyes fatigue nausea and vomiting abdominal pain clay-colored stools loss of appetite and low-grade fever
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