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How to Earn Online – Realistically Speaking

Online earning is more than a myth now and always growing internet has enabled millions of people to earn while staying at home using variety of online services. No matter how efficient method you choose to work on it always critical to have a discipline to success.

Noreen Shad, Trainer / Team Janbaaz is on the mission to enable and coach 10,000 Entrepreneurs in 12 months through trainings and skill development activities to make their living using online services.

Please fill out following form if you want to be financially independent or don’t have a lot of opportunities in your home time.

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Earn money online – Take Pakistan Forward

Learning is ultimate resolve to take Pakistan forward. We need people like Zeenat Anjum to contribute and play their vital role as Pakistani. And collectively we can make a difference. Learn to freelance, and how to earn online. Join Zeenat today – Digiwrite Pakistan

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Amazon Web Services Certification Training – Live from Germany

Learn from professional working in fortune 500 companies to manage AWS cloud services. Starting from scratch to advanced level to system design, development of services and management.


Cloud computing is the utilization of a system of remote servers facilitated on the Internet to store, oversee, and process information, rather than local server or a PC. The transition from traditional software models to the internet has steadily gained ground over the last decade. Now, almost all forms of life make use of the technology. Activities such as edit documents, watch TV, send email, listen to music, play mobile games, or files, cloud computing makes it all possible behind the scenes.


First, let’s talk about why you need to get certified.  Market Demand is skyrocketing from last few years. Cloud adoption has increased significantly among all sectors in the last decade and not enough professionals are available to meet the demands. The solution to this is to;

  •    Maximize your skills.
  •    Meet industry standards.
  •    Meet the needs of the competitive market.

Getting certified puts you right at the top of the radar with a highly attractive pay. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of the DevOps Engineer is $138,378 per annum. This stat further highlights the relevance of being a professional by getting certified. Keplerworx is here to help you!


Keplerworx DevOps Certification Training is designed in a way to help you gain the necessaries tools for development and operations. A python is a basic tool in any DevOps operation. AWS is a leading cloud provider, which has some tools to make your infrastructure scalable and fault tolerant.


We work with some recruitment agencies all over Europe and Canada. We will route relevant job opportunities to you as and when they came up.

  •    System Architect
  •    Software Architect
  •    Automation Engineer
  •    Software Tester
  •    Security Engineer
  •    Integration Specialist
  •    Release Manager

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E-Pakistan Introduction

Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) are fast changing the World around us. Pakistan Need to catch up with the upcoming changes in the region & globally. We in Pakistan have Challenges and Opportunities. As a Global best practice ICTs for E-Education, E-Health, E-Agriculture, E-Governance is an immediate solution to our Challenges. After going through the Process of E-Village, E-District now on 14th August 2015 we are announcing ‘ E-Pakistan Vision 2025 ‘which aims to all Public & private sector stakeholders of development on one page to create a National and International Impact.
Started from E-Village project aimed to take the power of ICTs to rural parts of Pakistan in 2009. Stretched over 200 villages in different parts of Pakistan. Outreached to the remote location on Partnership Model.

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