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Cat food: should you spend more on posh brands?

But what about the food we give to our pets? What's in it, and is it worth spending more on premium brands? My two cats are generally not fussy eaters …Read more

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Cat food should you spend more on posh brands

Whats for dinner Finding the best food at the best value and then persuading your cat to eat it is a big challenge Photograph Svetlana PopovaAlamy Stock Photo Something of a revolution is under way in terms of what we eat with growing numbers of
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Pet food recall raises doubts on luxury brands

Will has more why they spend 58 for a 20 pound bag of dog food made with free-range chicken That Will was worried she might be hit by the recall highlights a question that pet owners around the country are facing Are luxury pet food brands that
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How To Make Lasting Customer Relationships

Instead of staying with a brand for 20 years customers regularly switch between providers From makeup to cat food customers are more should be your focus Its cheaper and easier to retain repeat customers Those repeat customers spend 3 times
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7 foods household items and other essentials you should always buy at Target

It also made the 2018 Love List Brand Affinity shoppers spend twice as long in big-box stores like Target as they do in regular grocery stores Phil Lempert food industry analyst and editor of SupermarketGuru tells CNBC Make It You can get some
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The best cat bowls you can buy

As a pet owner you could spend 100 on a brand-new pet bowl allows your cat to eat in a more natural position which may improve his digestion as well as his comfort Ideally the rim of an elevated cat food bowl should be even with your cats chest
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14 of The Decades Most Important Fashion Collaborations

Are you even a fashion designer if you dont collaborate with other brands people are pushing collabs more than theyre pushing their own singular labels its not such a crazy idea In 2019 people probably would spend 1000 on a logo bag
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