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Carcoss/Tagish First Nation celebrates Tlingit culture in weekend event

The free event is held every two years, and includes cultural demonstrations, traditional workshops, and dances. This was the first time it was held in …Read more

CarcossTagish First Nation celebrates Tlingit culture in weekend event

The CarcossTagish First Nation in Yukon hosted a major celebratory event this past weekend called Haa Kusteey Per the events website the title means Our Culture in the Tlingit language The free event is held every two years and includes
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The healing journey begins as work starts on traditional dugout canoe in Carcross

There have been turbulent times for the CarcrossTagish First Nation over the years The three-day event brings communities from Alaska BC and Yukon together to celebrate Inland Tlingit culture An ancient art Building a dugout canoe is an ancient
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Yukon and First Nations food on the cusp of a big-bang moment

At the First Nations Fire Feast held at the impressive Carcross Tagish First Nation Cultural Centre chef Joseph Festival for three years and its grown from one weekend to year-round events The next is a three-day festival in August
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Donald Trumps ancestral brothel gets a new lease on life

The Arctic Restaurant and Hotel owned by Friedrich Trump in Bennett BC in 1899 is being reconstructed by Parks Canada in collaboration with the Carcross Tagish First Nation a ceremony to celebrate its life It was on this Tlingit land amid
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Were living out the vision of our elders Teslin Yukon hosts cultural celebration

The Haa Kusteeyi inland Tlingit celebration is underway in Teslin Yukon this weekend event will take place in Teslin for a while The next inland celebration will be hosted by the Carcross Tagish First Nation in 2019 Jeanie Dendys Yukons
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More native voices at this years Northwest Folklife Festival

For Puget Sound folks Memorial Day Weekend means the Northwest Folklife Festival which has celebrated world folk cultures in the Seattle Center annually for 45 years But one culture has only which became an annual event on the Totem Pole green
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