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Carbon calculator: find out how much CO2 your flight will emit

According to forecasts, 2019 will be another record-breaking year for air travel, with passengers expected to fly a total of 8.1tn km, up 5% from last year …Read more

Carbon calculator find out how much CO2 your flight will emit

The aviation sector is one of the fastest-growing polluters It currently accounts for about 2 of global emissions but that figure could more than double by 2050 according to research by Manchester Metropolitan University or triple if planes dont
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How big is your carbon footprint

Wondering which flight options emit you head out on the highway The app uses Google Transit to find alternative mass-transit options for your trips and it gives you the option to instantly purchase offsets from your phone Calculate carbon offsets
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The 35 Easiest Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint at carbonfootprintcom to find out how you of your flight and the amount of money needed to offset them For example flying economy roundtrip from New York to Los Angeles produces 15 tons of CO2 it costs 43 to
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Reducing your carbon footprint

Find out how so less CO2 from households will make a big difference to our overall carbon footprint Luckily it has never been easier to measure your carbon footprint thanks to online calculators Simply search for carbon footprint calculator to
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How To Make Your Travels More Sustainable

The least you can do is to make up for carbon dioxide released during a flight by planting trees To see how much CO2 you produced on your latest trip you can use this carbon footprint calculator Why is it especially hard to be sustainable during
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Greenwash Are carbon offsetters taking us for a ride

First the prices charged for offsetting every tonne of CO2 you emit vary hugely Second the offsetters cant even agree on how great your emissions are for any particular flight simply calculate how much carbon dioxide planes kick out of their
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