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Cara, não confio no Intercept, não

O Intercept mexe nos arquivos supostamente roubados à Lava Jato. Isso ficou provado hoje. O dono do site, Glenn Greenwald, anunciou no Twitter novos ataques a Sergio Moro. No print publicado em sua página – e que ele apagou correndo -, uma frase é …Read more


O diabo não tem esse lugar todo!

Moro, pede pra sair.

1 Bolsonaro mudar o discurso em relação ao Moro e agora diz que “confiança 100% só em pai e mãe”

O presidente e o embaixador

Tor is an encrypted anonymising network that makes it harder to intercept internet communications com oficiais americanos no dia 21 e novembro de 2002 Lula animado elegante e descansado teria dito logo de cara que queria ter uma boa
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Warren Buffets E-mail Address

So I would like to let the world know that Warren used snail mail when he wrote TMC and he sent no e-mail address Unfortunately had I received his e-mail address I would have to keep it in confidence You see it is all about trust and it is very important
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Popular robots dangerously easy to hack experts warn

From Japans Softbank Robotics consumer robots NAO and Pepper robots made the list meaning its possible hackers could easily intercept communications and steal confidential information compromise key components of the robot ecosystem hack
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Tila Tequila Rejects NFL Stars Shot at an Explanation

Tila Tequila is looking to intercept her man at the pass how he was trying to keep Ms Tequila safe will be completely discredited Gutman continued No one especially a woman should ever have to endure what Mr Merriman did to Tila Tequila
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Graham Gano misses wide left and Broncos hold off the Panthers

He had as many interceptions as completions for the first quarter-plus of the second half Harris made a great play to tip a Newton pass and intercept it After the interception led to the go-ahead score by CJ Anderson his second touchdown the Panthers
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Yesterday in Parliament A highly watchable bout courtesy

Mr Thompson groaned saying This is a statement of the obvious All this was made clear to the National Audit Office The NAO sidekick grumbled That was not the understanding Miaow Miaow Miaow If James Alexander Gordon of BBC Radios Sports
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