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Capital One data breach: here's what Canadians need to know

READ MORE: Capital One data breach hits about 6 million people in Canada, 100 million in U.S.. It also apologized over the incident. “While I am grateful that the perpetrator has been caught, I am deeply sorry for what has happened,” Capital One chairman …Read more

Heres What You Need to Know About the Capital One Breach

Its become a drearily familiar story A data breach Canadian equivalent of Social Security numbers The information came from credit card applications that consumers and small businesses had submitted between 2005 and 2019 according to Capital One
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100 million Capital One customers were hacked everything you need to know about data breaches but were afraid to ask

Be on your toes after a major hack or data breach Consumers should never give out personal details over the telephone even if the caller seems to represent Capital One or the email appears to be from a Capital One address Consumers need to be careful
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Everything You Need To Know About The Capital One Data Breach

On the heels of Equifaxs data-breach On July 19 Capital Ones data was breached by hacker Paige Thompson who gained access to 140000 Social Security numbers 1 million Canadian Social
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Capital One data breach A look at the biggest confirmed breaches ever

Heres a look at some of the biggest confirmed breaches Capital One data breach What you need to know Breach fallout How to protect yourself What happened In 2016 as it was negotiating an acquisition by Verizon the internet pioneer disclosed that
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Capital Ones data breach and 12 things you need to know in tech today

Todays big story concerns yet another disappointing and unsurprising online hack and Im sorry to report its a gloomy one its among the largest data breach incidents of around a million Canadian customers Capital One said it suspects
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BBB Watch out for scammers looking to take advantage of Capital One data breach

BOISE Idaho If youre a Capital One credit card holder or applied for one in the last 14 years your personal information could be compromised Sensitive data belonging to 100 million people in the US and six million people in Canada has been
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