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Cape Breton arts bodies look at collaboration

A collaboration between two arts centres in Cape Breton may be in the works. The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Sydney has issued a …Read more

Joan Jonas review post-internet confusion before the internet

This for a collaboration with three major art institutions in Munich and Porto as well as I peer in one and watch tap-dancing Cape Breton islanders with fiddlers by waterfalls In another people in a cabin dance with wooden chairs banging and
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Niagara Falls man thinks he has oldest hockey stick

Art Federow keeps the old hockey stick leaned up against the wall in his living room He cherishes the thing from the butt of its wooden body to the fraying blade thats chipped and cracked with the damage of time I look at it every day says the
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After-dark art festivals popped up all over Canada this weekend and heres what you missed

People moved to the beats and created shadow art on the walls It was ephemeral and people got actively involved with shapes bodies and Festival goers look at Negative Impressions by Joe Costello on at Archive Cape Breton as part of Lumiere
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BOOK SHELF Keeping Mikmaw hieroglyphics alive through poetry

Wanting to better understand their connection to Mikmaw language culture and the land she moved across the country wrote poetrshay created art and continued She is working in collaboration with teachers and elders in Cape Breton
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Survey offers glimpse into changing ecosystem of southern Gulf of St Lawrence

Last September a coast guard vessel carried crew members and federal scientists through the area roughly between the tip of Quebecs Gaspe Peninsula and the tip of Cape Breton of being body snatchers in Texas 420 Music Arts Festival brings
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Mining Nostalgia

Goldblatt courted controversy when he removed his photographic collection from the University of Cape Town after in his view the university capitulated to student protestors demanding that art
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