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Canberra's top 10 suburbs for reduced rents

Canberra's metro area remains a competitive and pricey rental market, with its median weekly rent rising by 6% year on year. New …Read more

Hotspot of the Week – Belconnen District

October release Census Data Seminar – Canberra

Brisbane City Council Meeting – 4 June 2019 – Part 1 of 2

Wagga Wagga

Australias top rental hotspots revealed in new report

AUSTRALIAS top rental growth insight into areas where rent prices are going absolutely gangbusters API deputy editor Shannon Molloy says Over the past few years property markets have experienced a combination of reduced investor activity flat
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Manhattan Landlords Offer Fewer Deals as Rental Market Tightens

Manhattan rental concessionsoffers landlords use to entice renters such as one free month paid broker fees or reduced moving costsfell sharply Manhattans median luxury rental pricedefined as the top 10 of new leasesrose to 8200
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Office landlord gives up on Philly suburbs will build apartments instead

One of the Northeasts largest office landlords is pulling out of the Philadelphia suburban office market where rents remain stuck at the levels of 10 and 20 years ago as weak corporate hiring and a shift to home offices and shared space has reduced
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Democrats must figure out how to address Blue Americas housing crisis

To cut a long story short blue American cities and counties need new rental housing estate to accommodate housing for 10 million By 2010 population had grown by 60 percent to 4 million but authorities had reduced the citys maximum zoned
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Independence Day When well be prisoners of our cars no more

I love the activity of going out for rides with no objective other than to take the top down on my Camaro convertible and residential and commercially zoned neighborhoods may radically change due to a vastly reduced need for long-term or short-term
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Comptroller Wants Paying Rent on Time to Count Toward Credit Score

In ZIP codes where one in 10 residents were living in a NYCHA property the average credit score was less than 630 while the average score in the city was 673 the report said Credit scores were lower in rent-heavy or poorer neighborhoods
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