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Brevet des collèges 2019 : les résultats en Centre-Val de Loire

Les résultats du brevet 2019 dans l'académie d'Orleans-Tours sont disponibles en temps réel sur cette page gratuitement ce jeudi 11 juillet 2019. Côté statistiques, l'académie d'Orléans-Tours affichait, en 2018, un taux de réussite de 86,1% au brevet, filières …Read more

Center-Val de Loire Discover the Loire river and its region by bike

they meet all the essential needs of an itinerant cyclist table parking lighting storage protection against bad weather shared bathroom explains Vincent Garnier Director of the Regional Tourism Committee of Central Val de Loire
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Scotland is the greatest place on earth

Charles de Gaulle described it a the oldest alliance in the world and a historian who has studied the history of the alliance says it has never been revoked Perhaps then if French people had been asked the question what is the most beautiful country
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Ile-de-France in spite of attacks foreign arrivals rose by 3 in 2015

TourMaGcom – Now with a few weeks of hindsight what was the impact of the Paris and Saint-Denis attacks of November 13 2015 on tourism in Ile-de-France Franois Navarro These dramatic events left major consequences on tourism in the region
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