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Brainstorm: Eels greats set to follow Sterlo's lead

Research among former NFL players has found a high incidence of CTE – believed to be caused by head knocks, along with other mitigating factors like drugs and alcohol abuse – and this week research revealed two former NRL players had the disorder.Read more

Brainstorm Eels greats set to follow Sterlos lead

Three Parramatta Eels legends are considering following in the footsteps Encephalopathy and can only be diagnosed in an autopsy Research among former NFL players has found a high incidence of CTE believed to be caused by head knocks along with
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Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years says WWF

But that is happening in the great outdoors This damage is not inevitable but a If not he added the overuse of resources would ultimately lead to conflicts He said the LPI was an extremely robust indicator and had been adopted by UNs
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Ask HN How much of your time is spent in meetings

If youre a developer for a big corp how much of your time or hrs a week is spent in meetings At a new big corp job and the amount of meetings seems far larger than other employers To the point of a meeting every other hour killing productivity
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Why New Zealand will win RWC 2011

Before the Tri-Nations opener this year I had a brainstorm by myself and decided to bet So for 2011 my money will be riding on the back of the black machine lead by Richard McCaw Only great captains can lift the coveted trophy and McCaw is certainly
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The Best Ball Drops in Town

I woke up thinking that was a pretty good idea so we set to hashing it out in real life Chet Jeffrey Lyster of Eels shreds Steven Bak can sing anything no one can sing the Bee Gees like Brian Perez and on and on Well have songs from Prince
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How Chef Nobu built his sushi empire

You know how kids dream of being soccer players or actors Well Peruvians didnt seem to like eel for example which was a very common sushi topping So one day I saw a beautiful piece of eel just sitting there unpriced and I asked the fisherman
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