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Boyfriend of Charles Bronson's ex shares harrowing moment he found her dead

The boyfriend of Charles Bronson's ex wife Paula Williamson has shared the harrowing moment he found her lifeless body. Paula, a former Corrie and Emmerdale actress, was found dead at home in Sneyd Green, Stoke-on-Trent by boyfriend Pete Jones on …Read more

Boyfriend of Charles Bronsons ex shares harrowing moment he found her dead

Pete Jones 53 said Paula Williamson and her friends had gone out on Sunday before he found her body the next morning
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Prince Charles shares a joke with local farmers in Wales

Charles and Camillas tour of Wales marking In one particularly tender moment the grandfather-of-four was seen making a baby laugh as he paused to chat to her mother The Prince of Wales was meeting with farmers who have benefited from The Princes
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Charles And Camilla Finally Wed

The blessing ceremony was attended by the Queen Elizabeth II and about 800 guests including Prime Minister Tony Blair and the brides ex-husband but she didnt hold her husbands Charles acknowledged years later that he had broken his marriage
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Brother of Power Rangers star Pua Magasiva opens up about moment he found out the actor had died

The heartbroken brother of Pua Magasiva has opened up about the New Zealand actors sudden death and the harrowing moment he had to break the news to their parents The former Shortland Street and Power Rangers star 38 was found dead at a Wellington
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Inside Elvis Desperate Battle with Diet and Drugs And How Linda Thompson Saved Him from Drowning in a Bowl of Chicken Soup

In her memoir the actress and lyricist describes the harrowing moment she found Presley facedown in a bowl of chicken noodle soup seemingly so impaired by drugs that hed passed out My daddys dead That was that Thompson writes
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The CW Network announces new six-night primetime schedule for 2018-19

The harrowing us to her husband Rogelio First he had a baby named Baby with his ex-girlfriend Darci And then he decided to become a stay-at-home Danny Dad Nanny Danny And that lasted a whole month But alas he found staying home
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