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Box Office: Why Quentin Tarantino's Films Are in Their Own League

Quentin Tarantino's “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” exceeded box office expectations with its $41 million domestic debut, marking a career best for the filmmaker and signaling that audiences are still interested in original content with a compelling hook.Read more

Box Office Why Quentin Tarantinos Films Are in Their Own League

Quentin Tarantinos Once Upon a Time in Hollywood exceeded box office of his movies turn into events The Vista Theater in Los Angeles encouraged guests to dress up in their best
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Will the Alamo Drafthouse LA be the last stand for movie theaters

Yet the timing coinciding with a series of industry headlines and conversations about a perceived box office slump house publication BirthMoviesDeath in 2016 following accusations of sexual abuse and harassment League quietly hired him back
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Black Panther Kills Heres the 3 Biggest Box-Office Records Ryan Coogler Broke This Weekend

So where does Ryan Cooglers superhero movie stand in box-office history As always and the Star Wars films are a league of their own At 3 Black Panther is close to The Force Awakens 422 million and just behind Spider
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Black Panther and the portrayal of black people in the media

I have liked most of Marvels films but never expected it to tie record-holder Avatar and remain number one at the US box office for five consecutive efforts for black people to advocate for their own prosperity Characters such as John Shaft
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Why Superhero Movies Are So Popular According To James Wan

Comic book movies have become the most lucrative films in the biz breaking box office records and ensuring boat loads of money for their is why the hell do we love superhero movies so much Director James Wan who will be helming his very own
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Weekend Box Office Aquaman Nears 750 Million Worldwide Passing Justice League and Suicide Squad

Aquaman has already grossed more than Justice League 6579 million Man of Steel 668 million and Suicide Squad 7468 million did in their entire Pictures biggest box office hit since beginning to distribute its own films starting with
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