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Book Culture Starts Gaining Political Support; Owner Says Minimum Wage Hike Has Hurt

Book Culture owner Chris Doeblin has elaborated on an email he sent last week asking for government help to keep the company's four stores afloat.Read more

PBS NewsHour full episode June 24, 2019

Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

PBS NewsHour full episode June 13, 2019

PBS NewsHour full episode May 10, 2019

Pressure is on Biden ahead of first debate as his 2020 rivals prepare to attack

Biden has made plenty of tone-deaf comments throughout his political career – his invoking the name of segregationist senators in his talk about working with the opposition is the latest example He also flip-flopped on his support for the Hyde Amendment
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Ask HN Women in tech how do you find non-toxic work environments

I feel like I keep getting the same canned PR response of how great the culture is for assumedly white dudes but ping pong tables and free beer doesnt mean shit to me if Im going to be underpaid harassed or viewed as not-technical enough on the regular
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Joyce on the defence as backlash grows

Mr Woodward says Qantas pilots are anxious about the situation Its safe to say that neither investors nor the public know exactly whats going on and why this shutdown has happened It seems excessive and it seems unnecessary Australian Shareholders
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