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Blockchain Startup Nets $2.4 Million in Public Funding to Fight Food Slavery

Blockchain startup Lumachain has received $2.4 million in public funding from Main Sequence Ventures, a $165.6 million venture capital fund backed …Read more

Blockchain Startup Nets 24 Million in Public Funding to Fight Food Slavery

A new blockchain solution focused on ending slave labor in the food industry received 24 million in public funding in Australia A food supply-tracking blockchain firm that aims to fight modern
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In Venezuela Cryptocurrency Is an Oppressor and a Lifeline

The countrys almost worthless bolivar currency is breaking deli scales and credit card readers as the more than 30 million people of Venezuela struggle The distributed nature of blockchain makes it nearly impossible for governments to alter
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Does Cutting Taxes on the Wealthy Lead to Greater Growth

Policies that increase income inequality can in some cases lead to higher savings higher investment and greater long-term growth But in other cases such policies either reduce growth and increase unemployment or force up the debt burden What
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Trump Says the Border Wall Will Pay for Itself It Wont

They say the average illegal immigrant costs about 43000 in public services about half of what the center estimates But lets set that aside and accept for the sake of argument that each illegal immigrant imposes a net cost on the US economy
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Sex Lies and Suicide Whats Wrong with the War on Sex Trafficking

Its less than one in a million people but its enough to make Golden Gate Can we stop wasting our time playing whack-a-mole with sex ads and start building some barriers to keep sex traffickers from advertising on Backpagecom
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Ive invested in Bitcoin its been a roller-coaster Heres what Ive learned

The technology behind these currencies is called blockchain Some very clever people have tried I just hope for my gamble to net a profit How did I buy Bitcoin etc And what Id have done differently now I know more I used the Coinbase app as
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