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Blockchain is making travel industry truly secure and paperless soon

The unveiling of the Traveler Digital Identity (TDI) program has made traveling a lot easier than before. It facilitates travelers in paperless travel and …Read more

The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit 2018, Dubai, UAE – Unravel Travel TV


Blockchain and Dubai Land Department

Revolutionizing Global Trade

How technology is reshaping real estate industry

With a VR headset a person can travel to essentially viewing pictures of it on a website Blockchain can do a lot more than making cryptocurrencies possible Since a blockchain is essentially a secure public ledger its very useful as a
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Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends In Financial Services For 2019

Instead blockchain will prove to be a huge asset in digital payments escrow services loan processing and just about every other area where valuable information or currency needs the utmost security in this soon-to-be booming industry
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World Trip Singapore To Introduce A Brand-New Travel Experience With Blockchain-Powered Platform

The unlimited potential of the blockchain-powered platform will change the way travelers plan and experience every single trip they make he Still it may soon become a real game changer for the entire travel industry World Trip Singapore
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Blockchain startup Winding Tree could upend the travel industry

The travel truly disrupting the industry Indeed some of the industry incumbents who have decided to invest in blockchain at this point are reacting to blockchain in a similar way as the banks trying to embrace something that was designed to make
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Florida Legislature Seeks Answers to Blockchains Potential

Florida may soon join and security President Trump even recently ordered a Pentagon study of its potential benefits for US cybersecurity operations Still some question remains as to blockchains actual utility Is it a truly revolutionary
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Smart Dubai launches 3rd Global Blockchain Challenge

The objective of the Challenge to identify innovative projects that can contribute to the implementation of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020 which was announced by Smart Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation to make Dubai the first Blockchain-powered
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