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Blair Witch's first gameplay trailer is truly terrifying

At E3 2019, Microsoft surprised by revealing a game inspired by the Blair Witch Project for Xbox One and PC. Blair Witch is a famous horror film franchise that is considered a cult classic. The game can be preordered for $30, but will also be available through …Read more

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23 Kids from Horror Films You Won’t Recognize Today

Blair Witchs first gameplay trailer is truly terrifying

Blair Witch is set in 1996 and you play as a detective Gameplay involves searching the woods at night with a flashlight a dog at your side The reveal trailer suggested that the title will place the player in the same kind of eerie vulnerability which
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Daylight Watch The First Trailer For Terrifying New Video Game

As the new terrifying trailer for the game from Atlus and Zombie Studios youll relive the evil locked within the hospitals walls And due to the first person perspective Daylight really puts you in the shoes of the character making you feel
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E3 2019 games Heres everything thats been revealed and what may still be on the way

It started with a video that continued the series predilection for trailers that set the mood rather than teasing gameplay terrifying games like Layers of Fear and Observer is going back to the classics with a first-person horror game set in the
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5 Best Upcoming Games Announced At E3 2019 That We Just Cant Wait To Play

E3 one of the years biggest gaming expos has come and gone but we are still reeling from all the announcements demos trailers and gameplay and ones that we really cannot wait to play Why cant time move faster The Blair Witch Project Game
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One Two Slender Mans Coming For You

Learn how the myth came to be and meet the designer behind the terrifying game known Other than that and the youtube video trailer which I made to include with the aforementioned forum posts I didnt really spread it around at all
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Hysteria Project

The game is the first ever live such as Friday the 13th The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield only this time youre the one being hunted Lots of games have attempted to blend film with gameplay before but we never really felt as though itd been
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