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Bjorn Again, Glastonbury review: My my! What a sunny, glorious start

Thirty years on, and ABBA couldn't have imagined a more powerful comeback – not least because the band hadn't made a public appearance since 1982. But news of their reunion last April met with international excitement. ABBA weren't just newsworthy …Read more

Bjorn Again Glastonbury review My my What a sunny glorious start

The first set of Glastonburys most famous stage is rarely as momentous as one might have expected With 100000 people on site by Thursday morning more even than last year most ticket-holders had endured a sun-drenched 48 hours of festival even
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Festival review by Laura Chapman

My mind wandered back find them all again have her bag stolen including her car keys and pull a nice young man I think thats pretty much the whole Glastonbury experience in a day On every sunny festival a little rain must fall
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Glastonbury Festival 2014 review Dolly Parton Metallica and Arcade Fire highlights of a five-star festival

with the heavily populated Daptone Super Soul Revue making the most of a sunny moment on Saturday afternoon unlike Lana Del Rey on the Pyramid Stage Her tragic laments needed a monsoon to sound right Every set made it clear that playing Glastonbury is
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Potters Leisure Resort An old-fashioned Norfolk beach holiday with a touch of luxury

Even when we arrive on a glorious August day the beach is blissfully empty Jane McDonald Joe McElderry Jedward Bjorn Again or some of the stars from Strictly Come Dancing We have the pleasure of Britains Got Talent street dancer Aiden Davis
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Review The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Belong

I dont care how ideologically invested you are in the edgy-sexy-scary quadrants of underground rock if you can listen to Belong on a sunny day and not enjoy the experience then youre a fundamentally unhappy person and the new Strokes record on
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No Genre Ever Dies On Loren D Estleman and the Pulp Tradition

Full disclosure to fend off charges of log-rolling Estleman wrote an enthusiastic review of my Bjorn and I hiked the 33-mile Chilkoot Trail the route many would-be miners took to the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush It was before the official
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