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Biology professor receives NSF Breakthrough Technology Award to enhance food security

Biology professor Gregory Copenhaver has received a Breakthrough Technology Award from the National Science Foundation. The awards fund …Read more

Corelight Honored in 2018 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Program

Corelight was founded by Dr Vern Paxson a Professor of Computer Science Tech Breakthrough Awards organization the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in information security and cybersecurity technology
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NYU receives 144 million NSF grant to expand its Materials Research Center

New York University has received a problems in science and engineering Overall the goal of the NYU MRSEC is to understand and improve the properties of the astonishingly complex materials of everyday life including food ceramics cements
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White House honors 19 NSF-supported early-career researchers

To enhance All have received five-year grants through the NSF Faculty Early Career Development CAREER program after their research proposals went through NSFs rigorous peer Merit Review process The White House Office of Science and Technology
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Meet These Incredible Women Advancing AI Research

Technology could During her 18 years as a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford Daphne Koller authored over 200 publications in top scientific journals and won an innumerate number of awards for academic breakthroughs and excellence in education
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UCLA researchers create Google Glass app for instant medical diagnostic test results

This breakthrough technology takes advantage of gains in both immunochromatographic rapid diagnostic tests and wearable computers said principal investigator Aydogan Ozcan the Chancellors Professor Science Foundation CAREER Award the NSF CBET
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Mysterious Glowing Clams Could Help Save the Planet

Founded in 1812 and now part of Drexel University the Academy is a mlange of Victorian-era collections and modern technology of Pennsylvania collaborator materials science and engineering professor Shu Yang at Penns Laboratory for Research
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