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Billionaires' rule the world, NYC real estate edition

As the overall luxury real estate market has sagged in New York City, the billionaire set is still on the make, sending handlers to scout out penthouses …Read more

Billionaires rule the world NYC real estate edition

As the overall luxury real estate market has sagged in New York City the billionaire set is still on the make sending handlers to scout out penthouses and townhouses and finalizing transactions
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The Wall Street Journal Opinion

The Administration rule tried to limit Medicare and Medicaid drug rebates which are bulk discounts negotiated by brokers known as pharmacy-benefit managers The rebates arent passed directly to WSJ Membership Customer Service Tools Features Ads More
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As Protests Continue in Hong Kong the Outcome Could Have Enormous Repercussions for the Global Art Market Heres Why

Hong Kong has grown into one of the worlds most important art markets after New York and London fashion mogul Li Lin young real estate developer Lu Xun car-dealership magnate Yang
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The Trailer The best option Never Trumpers have so far

Sanderss speechwriter David Sirota mocked the same story and retweeted a snapshot of a damaging New York Times story that found Biden Theresa Greenfield a real estate firm president who impressed local Democrats with her 2018 House bid will run
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Donald Trump India Game of Thrones Your Monday Briefing

Red flags do not necessarily make the transactions improper Real estate developers monthCreditAl Drago for The New York Times In the 1980s Japan was in Chinas place an upstart powerhouse vying with the US to be the worlds largest economy
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Classism and elitism are alive and well in Corporate America

The president who was born into a wealthy real-estate family has been criticized for his rudimentary Well-connected individuals who feel like they were born to rule the world or at the very least leapfrog over Kevin in accounting make appearances
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